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Top 10 Events Not to Miss in November

Designed to warm you up for the end-of-the-year festivities, this month will equip you with food and wine, books and plenty of culture.

November is the month of mandatory celebrations in Albania! Whether you feel up to it or not, the countless events on this list will get you out and partying in no time. Check out our selections below and mark your calendars:

1. Marubi National Photography Museum, Shkodra, November 1st – January 7th

If you find yourself in Shkodra, we suggest that you take a moment to visit the always pleasantly surprising Marubi Museum for its “Seven Albanian Photographers: One Residence” Exhibit. Seven up-and-coming photographers reveal their simple yet beautiful photographs, inviting you to be inspired. The exhibit remains open from 6 pm – 8 pm.

2. Olive Fest, Piqeras, November 1st

For the second year in a row, Olive Fest starts the autumn-winter season of events in the south of Albania. Organized by GIZ, this one-day festival aims to promote the gorgeous olive plantations in the area and support local producers. A perfect chance to get out of the city before it gets too cold!

3. Wine and Chestnut Fest, Pogradec, November 2nd – 3rd

Now a well-established tradition, this popular festivity has been organized in Pogradec for the last 25 years! In order to support the local economy, the fest always organizes great events and activities. This year, join famous rock singers Elton Deda, Redon Makashi and Aleksandër Gjoka for a night of fun and other surprises.

4. “Towers” Painting Exhibit, National Museum of History, November 5th-10th

“Towers” exhibits the work of three local artists, in particular Erand Nebo, Anteo Gremi and Gjergji Meta. The exhibit will remain open for only five days so take this chance to see some wonderful original work from local artists in one of the most prestigious venues in the capital, the National Museum of History.

5. “Trans Balkan” Photo Exhibit, Europa House, Tirana, November 6th – 11th

As part of the ERA Annual Conference, one of the biggest LGBTI+ events in the Balkans, Austrian photographer Aleksandar Crnogorac brings his photo documentary to Europa House this November. He has photographed more than 60 people in order to raise the visibility of trans people in the Western Balkans region. After making the rounds throughout Europe, the exhibition is here in Tirana so we suggest you take a look!

6. 22nd Book Fair, Palace of Congresses, Tirana, November 13th-17th

One of the mot-awaited events of the year for all locals, the book fair gathers all the best publishers, writers, translators and scholars into one venue for four full days. Like every year, the prestigious fair reveals the newest titles and authors from the entire region including Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia and, of course, Albania. A chance to get to know local authors, get discounted books and meet the entire capital’s population. Not to miss!

7. “Gisele” Ballet, ArTurbina, November 14th-15th

The German masterpiece, based on the old legend about two lovers who die before joining in marriage, is adapted to the Albanian stage by the talented national folk ensemble. The beautiful show about the love of the young Gisele for a prince will run for only two nights at ArTurbina so make sure to catch it!

8. Tirana Street Food Festival, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, November 14th-17th

The first festival of its kind in Tirana to be organized in such an international scale! Three days packed with culinary activities for adults and children in the capital’s central square. Popular chefs will share their recipes as well introduce new tastes and ingredients to the public, among plenty of other delicious opportunities for entertainment. A perfect prelude to the holiday season!

9. Independece Day, Flag Square, Vlora, November 28th

The most celebrated day of the entire year for Albanians and, where better way to join the festive masses than the very city where Independence was declared in 1912. Of course, there will be parallel celebrations in Tirana and all the main cities around Albania but a trip to Vlora on this day is simply a must! Enjoy the sun, sunset and fireworks!

Independence Monument in Vlora, photo by IntoAlbania

10. “White Night,” all around Tirana, November 29th

Immediately following Independence Day, the next most celebrated day of the month is that of the White Night. As you may gather from Albania’s geographical position, there are no real “white nights” in Albania but that has not stopped anyone from trying to emulate the feeling of an all-nighter. Scattered around Tirana, you’ll enjoy countless performances from some of the most popular local musicians in the main squares of the city.