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Millennium Restaurant

Millennium Restaurant

Fine Dining and a Movie

A relaxing oasis with a rare and delicious menu in the midst of the bustling city of Tirana.

Millennium Restaurant is a truly wonderful place, not only because of its wonderful ambiance and unexpectedly great menu but also because it is right in the center of one of the most popular areas of the capital. Located in the center of Tirana, right off the main boulevard and along the city’s main promenade, this place is part of the Millennium Complex, and sits right next to the cinema of the same name. It is, indeed, one of the most ideal destinations for dinner and a movie in Tirana.

Restaurant “Millennium” exterior, photo by IntoAlbania.


The glass walls surrounded by lemon trees and other lush vegetation create a kind of isolation that is perfect for this bustling area of the capital. During the day, the place lets in plenty of natural light from all sides, making it a very serene place to enjoy your lunch. At night, the perfect lighting gives the entire space a soft, romantic and intimate touch.

Restaurant “Millennium” interior, photo by IntoAlbania.


Millennium’s menu is rich and full of variety. Fish and meat as well as pasta and risotto are some main staples which, though available in most restaurants in Tirana, you will find are perfectly prepared here. However, the rare specialties very much worth noting are several exotic dishes like Alaskan crab, Senegalese shrimp and crocodile fillet. The wine menu offers selections that perfectly complement these dishes and the dessert menu is no less impressive, so save some room.

“Millennium” interior design, photo by IntoAlbania.


Compared to other restaurants in Tirana, the prices here are relatively high, as is the service and overall quality of the establishment. However, as soon as you realize that the octopus puree with caviar sauce costs as much as a hamburger in any European city, you understand that the prices are entirely reasonable.

 Our Suggestions

Millennium salad, veal tartare, Tartuffe and wild mushroom risotto, as well as blackbird with chestnuts. For dessert: soufflé with ice-cream.

By: IntoAlbania

  • Address: Abti Toptani Street (Rruga Abdi Toptani te Pedonalja), Tirana Get Directions

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