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For Digital Nomads – Best Solutions to Live in Albania

The last few years definitely belonged to a new way of work called remote working. As long as your job allows mobility you can become a remote worker or better a digital nomad.

If you haven’t heard the term before digital nomads are self-employed or employ professionals who provide services online from all over the world.

This new ‘workplace’ has been popular for almost a year now even in Albania, as one of the most unexplored coasts of Europe with good beaches, sun, quality of living and really convenient process.

How can you adapt your workplace in Albania?

Choose a Location

Start with a location, where would you rather go South, North or East. This can be defined easily by the food you like, the weather, nature and most importantly, where do you like to work mostly.

For example, South Albania is the perfect place to enjoy the beach and sun, the opposite you can find it in North with mountains, rivers and wild nature and so you can go on in every region in country.

Find a New Home

After you have chosen your favorite habitat in Albania, start searching for a new home that adapts your needs.

Finding a new home it’s not always easy and asking a local might be a good solution to find the most economic houses on the market. And of course, we are not suggesting to ask every stranger for advice, but we can propose you an easy way to find a home in Albania.

Start your search online with a market place where locals rent their homes for a few days, month or years in good process. Rent From Locals is one of the first websites on Albania where you can select the home you want with the specifics you prefer such as location, bedrooms, Wi-Fi, parking, economic price etc.

The best thing about these deals is the flexibility on dates, reservations, terms and conditions that you can discuss directly with the owner of the choose home even if you are in Albania for a few days and the other traditional possibilities like hotels and B&B are too expensive.

Take a ride

Especially if you are in Albania you can’t go without visiting the most touristic spots and this can go even better if you have your own car. It is best to adapt it by your needs, do u need a big car, a small one or a van?

Even if you want to stay in tranquility while working, join good food from one land to another in Albania it is totally possible by car only in a few days. Make your work days little trip days too while you enjoy a the morning drink in Durrës, a lunch in Elbasan or the great evening of Tirana.

Let the algorithms of do the search for your best matching car and rent it online with the lowest prices on the market.

As you stay and work in Albania, don’t hesitate to live it like a true local as a digital nomad or a traveler looking for new cultural pieces.