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Mountain Outdoors

The impressive variety of Albania’s mountain ranges, their stunning panoramas, small touristic villages and picturesque landscapes, create ample opportunity for a variety of outdoor sports, exploration, and activities. As Albania is packed with destinations where one can have amazing hiking or climbing experiences, we are presenting you with a very small selection of the absolute favorite tours, as rated by visitors.

Hiking Tours

Hiking trails in Valbona and Theth always top every list! Their location along the Albanian Alps and the connection of the valleys through the Valbona River at 1800 meters above sea level, inspire thousands of tourists to annually discover the natural wonders of Valbona and Theth through unforgettable hiking experiences.

Some of the hiking tours offered in these two destinations: JourneytoValbona, Discover Albania, AlbaniaAdventure, AlbanianTrip, OutdoorAlbania, Zbulo, Tourradar.

The Accursed Mountains, home of myths and fascinating legends as well as Albania’s greatest peaks, also offer spectacular landscapes and trails specifically made for hiking. Hiking tours in these areas are generally offered in tandem with an exploration of Valbona and Theth, making the entire experience a several-day long hiking trip. Click here for more info: Lonely Planet, Walks Worldwide, OutdoorAlbania.

Hiking, Mountain

Hiking in Albania, Photo Credits: Fation Plaku

Bicycle Tours

The majestic Albanian Alps with their imposing heights and legends, which still seem to haunt these ranges, are one of the most popular touristic destinations. Pedaling through the rare and enchanting landscapes of the Accursed Mountains fills your lungs with fresh air and regenerates your body. Stopping by the warm, hospitable guesthouses only adds some magic to this experience that should not be missed by any true cycling aficionado.

For more information on bicycle tours in the north of Albania, please click below:

CycleAlbania, XploreAlbaniaTourradar.

Ski and Alpinism Tours

AlbaniaAdventure offers an entirely unique itinerary which beautifully combines the exploration of the Korab Mountain and the Valbona Valley through skiing and alpinism. For more information, please visit their official website.

Mountain, Ski, Alpinism

Ski and Alpinism Tours in Albania, Photo Credits: Fation Plaku

Off-Road Tours

If you prefer the adrenaline of riding through the country’s challenging and beautiful terrain on a 4X4, there are many inclusive tours of both the north and south of Albania. They are created to introduce the country in a new perspective! Theth, Rubik, Peshkopi, Librazhd, Pogradec, Përmet, Tepelenë, Jali, Vlorë: these are only some of the beautiful destinations incorporated in the tour. For more information, click here.

Rally, Off-Road

Off-Road Tours, Photo Credits: Fation Plaku

Hiking and Camping in Mount Tomorr

As you move southward on a map of Albania, you will come across Tomorr, one the country’s most famous mountains located just east of the traditional town of Berat. Alpinists, experienced climbers and hikers annually climb this mountain, which is considered the Holy Mountain of Albania. While the pilgrims undertake the challenging hike in order to visit the holy places located along its heights, the Masjid of Kulmak (Teqenë e Kulmakut) and the Mausoleum of Abaz Ali (Tyrben e Abaz Aliut), the hardcore climbers take advantage of the winter months to reach its challenging peak at 2416 meters above sea level.

For additional information on tours and camping/hiking packages in Tomorr, click here.


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