Nature Attractions - Into Albania

Nature Attractions

Ancient Cities

Antiquity has given a wonderful present to Albania, thanks to the ruins that are spread in many archaeological parks across the country. Some of them are built on the top of the hills, which gives to everyone the possibility to make both a trip in Albanian history and its beautiful nature. Click here to explore more.

Lake and Rivers

Home to the biggest lake of Southern Europe (Lake of Shkodër), and also the oldest one (Lake Ohrid), Albania is known for its rich water resources. Here you’ll find also beautiful crystalline rivers that flow between breathtaking mountains. Click here to explore more.


In Albania are located some of the highest mountain peaks of the Balkans. Touristic villages in picturesque valleys and familiar traditional atmosphere make Albanian mountains a must-visit for all the nature lovers. Click here to explore more.

National Parks

Start a journey into the green world of Albanian natural parks, where you’ll have the chance to discover lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, and many other surprises.  Click here to explore more.


Crystalline waters and virgin beaches: it is quite easy to fall in love with Albanian Riviera. Explore closer some of the most breathtaking destinations of the country.  Click here to explore more.