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Traditional Appeal: The Unique Charm of our Favorite Albanian Guesthouses

Nothing can give you a pick-me-up quite like a swift weekend escape into nature and the warmth of a welcoming guesthouse. Long hikes in untouched nature, fresh food and authentically Albanian dishes, nice wines and friendly people!

IntoAlbania has compiled a list of some of our favorite guesthouse-farms from North to South. Read all about them below, pick your favorite and plan you visit, all without leaving this website!

1. Enol Winery

Enol Winery is a warm and welcoming guesthouse, located in Preza’s luscious landscape, not too far from the capital. Only 30 minutes from Tirana, Enol is a world away from any urban noise, immersed in freshness and tranquility. A visit to this winery offers farm fresh food and traditional recipes as well as comfortable and relaxing accommodation. As one of the best wineries in the country, at Enol Winery you can discover the process of making great wine. Book here.

2. Hylli i Dritës

Located on the hill of Troshan, only 15 km from Lezha, Hylli i Dritës is one of the best guesthouses in the beautiful Zadrima region. This pleasant guesthouse offers some of the most awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets as well as a meeting with history. Guests can explore the farm and farm animals, the olive plantations, and hike in the gorgeous outdoors. The guesthouse’s kitchen guarantees a unique gastronomical experience, with an interweaving of traditional Albanian cuisine with Italian recipes and flavors. Book here.

3. Devin Guesthouse

Devin Guesthouse in the midst of gorgeous natural scenery, both easily accessible and sufficiently secluded, Agritourism Devin is one of the most welcoming guesthouse-farms in the north of Albania. Located in the village of Qerret in Puka, guesthouse Devin offers a variety of fun activities like seasonal fruit-and-vegetable picking, hiking, horseback riding and cycling. The lady of the house, Marije Shkjau, ensures that each guest gets the most out of this experience, especially because her traditional dishes are incredible. Perfectly cozy, Devin will give your weekend a makeover. Book here.

4. Agritourism Hupi

Agritourism Hupi is a 200-year-old-tower-turned-gueshouse located only 7 km from Bulqiza. Surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil landscape, it offers a truly authentic experience interwoven with cooking lessons of some of the most delicious traditional recipes of the country. If you’ve ever wanted to take part in authentic Albanian culinary tradition, such as cooking with the saç (large cooper pan) heated by the embers of an open fire, this is your chance to experience it. An ideal destination for hiking around the beautiful forests of Bulqiza. Book here.

5. Guesthouse Gjepali

Guesthouse Gjepali is the elegant creation of head chef Fundim Gjepali, who in this welcoming space, serves his delicious and singular contemporary concoctions. These are only one of the reasons behind Gjepali’s popularity, however. Located in Gjepali’s hometown of Shijak, 30 km from Tirana, by Erzen River, the accessible guesthouse is immersed in luscious beauty. The wine canteen is an especially wonderful part of this guesthouse where, in addition to the house wine, 80% of the wine offered comes from local wineries. Book here.

6. Agritourism Alpeta

Agritourism Alpeta, is located by the legendary Mount Tomorr near Berat and is surrounded by the ubelievably fertile land of this region. Sitting in the garden of this beautiful guesthouse, enjoying delicious homemade wine, seasonal foods, and the stunning panorama, is an activity that will invigorate your senses and undoubtedly become one of your favorite memories. You will especially enjoy the local fare like the olives and figs, but also perfect homemade raki and wine. Alpeta also represents an ideal point from which to go exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the gorgeous city of Berat. Book here.

7. Rruga e Mullirit

Located in Reç, about two hours and a half from Tirana, Agritourism Rruga e Mullirit provides the very best that the Great Highlands of Albania (Malësia e Madhe) has to offer:  total detachment from the urban stress and chaos, a spectacular landscape, characteristic Albanian hospitality, and farm-fresh delicious food. Here, guests can join in the gathering of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the exploration of hiking trails, as well as the enjoyment of delicious and authentic meals prepared by the lady of the guesthouse. Book here.

8. Marku Guesthouse

Located only 15 km from the city of Shkodra, in the village of Gjanollë of Guri i Zi, the Marku family-owned farm and guesthouse is quite the ideal hideout. Intimate and immediately comfortable, this place is an oasis of tranquility. Marku family’s hospitability will make you feel instantly at home. Because the guesthouse is surrounded by a stunning landscape, the family will make sure to take you on a pleasant walk around the farm as soon as you arrive. One activity that you will never forget is learning the ancient art of working the loom. An unforgettable experience, all in all. Book here.

9. Agritourism Shega

Agritourism Shega (Pomegranate), located in Muriqan, not too far from the city of Shkodër, offers a peaceful haven, away from the city noise. One of the best offerings of this soothing and replenishing experience is the fresh local produce, especially the fruits among which the famously delicious and anti-oxidant pomegranate – the farm’s namesake –  assumes center stage. The host, Ahmet Sylejmani, offers various activities which make the stay in the guesthouse far from dull! Book here.

10. Lajthiza e vogël

Agritourism Lajthiza e Vogël (Small Hazelnut), a warm and wonderfully intimate guesthouse, is located near the gorgeous area around Puka. The surrounding greenery and low hills create a peaceful and restoring atmosphere that both revitalizes and relaxes. Some of the organized activities here include the hike along the Cherry’s Pod (Podi i Qershisë) or the Holy Rock (Guri i Shenjtë) as well as milking cows, fruit picking, and cooking traditional meals. An ideal return to nature, at a close proximity to an urban area! Book here.

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