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Radomira: Mount Korab’s Mesmerizing Village

Situated at the foot of Mount Korab, the highest peak in Albania, and surrounded by pine trees is the magical Radomira, a breath of fresh air that rejuvenates both body and mind.

Positioned at 35 km from Peshkopi, in the Dibra highlands, you will discover a green piece of heaven with beautiful valleys, majestic high peaks, and the fairy-tale like stream of Veleshica. Radomira, a part of the Korab-Koritnik Natural Park, marks the entrance to the touristic road that ascends toward Mount Korab.

Radomira, Dibër. Photo by Bujtina Korab

As one of the villages included in the “100 Villages” project, aimed at revitalizing the undeveloped rural areas of the country, much of Radomira has been restored and is expecting visitors. The village has left every visitor, who has had the fortune and curiosity to witness it, entirely speechless. A unique experience that seamlessly interweaves both adrenaline and comfort is guaranteed.

Clean air and stunning bodies of water

The clean air, water springs, pastures and forests on the sides of Korab constitute precious resources that can contribute to the area’s development, turning Radomira into a year-round tourist destination. The various water springs run through the village, eventually becoming the Veleshica stream which, along a perpetual freshness, adds a soothing murmur to the area. The area offers numerous other natural monuments such as the spectacular Black Lake  or King’s Fountain (Kroi i Mbretit) which are must-sees in their own right.

Radomira, Dibër. Photo by Bujtina Korab

Radomira, Dibër. Photo by Bujtina Korab

“Home belongs both to its master and guests”   

Hospitality and faith represent key values of the area’s locals, endowing the place with an aura of a previous, better world. Their motto says it all: “Home belongs both to its master and guests.”  It may be one of the best places to experience the famous Albanian hospitality.

Guesthouses in Radomira, Dibër, Photo by Bujtina Korab

Radomira, Dibër. Photo by Bujtina Korab

Farm fresh

Radomira is distinguished for its high number of livestock, the main source of income for this area and the entire Doda Fortress which includes 7 other villages. Thus, the area is well-known for its factories that produce milk and other delicious by-products. A visit here will undoubtedly introduce you to a taste of the fresh products prepared with a lot of love by the residents.

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