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6 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Albania to Skip the August Crowds

This month is by far the busiest touristic period in Albania. While, for those who love crowds, this is ideal, for those who do not, there are a slew of other places to visit that are just as beautiful and definitely more peaceful!

Though spectacular, many beaches along the Ionian Riviera or popular destinations like the UNESCO protected cities of Gjirokoastra and Berat, or the northern beauties of Theth and Valbona, are inundated in local and international tourists during the month of August. This may be the perfect time to visit some other equally beautiful natural gems in the country, which do not enjoy the same level of popularity and are, thus, ideal for the one who avoids crowds. Read over our list below!


This village is one of the Ionian Riveira’s most singularly intimate spots! Its geographical proximity to more popular beaches in Borsh, Qeparo and Saranda leads to it being somewhat overlooked during the summer months. Yet, here visitors would find that warm welcome and calm atmosphere missing from more visited spots. If looking to calmly enjoy the dazzling Albanian Riviera, this is definitely the best place! For campers, “Gates to Horizon” is a truly breathtaking spot with tents placed right by the sea.

Photo source: Matthew Storer. Lukova Beach.


The almost too-picturesque village comes into view as soon as the main highway begins its descent towards Pogradec. Lin is a small peninsula which gently makes its way onto the waters of Lake Ohrid, once called the “Lake of Light” due to its being lit by the sun year-round. The local houses with their characteristic red roofs endow the small village with a bygone romantic aura. Yet, the guest accommodations in the touristic village are anything but anachronistic and offer every comfort you can ask for. We strongly suggest Vila 43! Plus, in Lin, you can look at one of the oldest mosaics of the entire eastern region, a 6th century carving on and old basilica.

Photo courtesy of Nikol Likja.


One of the best but lesser known options to enjoy a sunny weekend is Belsh and the many lakes (over 80!) of the Dumrea area. For those of you who long to be closer to nature, in a place that is still under the radar, this is the right spot! One of our accommodation suggestions is Bujtina e Trëndafilave (The Rose Guesthouse) in Seferan, which offers a great view of the lakes and is located close to Dumrea Pedal, a bicycle rental center which also offers such lake activities as canoeing and paddle-boarding.

Belsh city center, photo by IntoAlbania.

Shebenik – Jablanica National Park

Located near Librazhd, Shebenik-Jablanica National Park is an expansive space that is still fairly unpopulated. This is not due to its lack of spectacular nature and landscapes, of which it has plenty, but because it was a forbidden area during the 45-year Communist period in Albania. About 32% of the country’s flora is found here, if that tells you anything! With its Rrajca forests, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and hermit caves with murals, this park is bound to become a top destination very soon which is one more reason to visit now! Guided tours make it also possible to join fascinating activities such as gazing at the planets via telescopes.

Vëshëricë field, at Shebenik-Jablanica National Park

Vëshëricë field, at Shebenik-Jablanica National Park. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Kelmend Highlands

The Kelmend Highlands are located in the northernmost part of the Albanian Alps and include some of the most beautiful villages in the country like Vermosh, Lëpushë, Tamarë, Vukël, Selcë, Nikç, Brojë and more. By following the road Shkodër – Hani i Hotit – Tamarë – Vermosh, you will immerse yourself in one of the most panoramic journeys of your life. Plenty of cozy guesthouses warmly welcome tourists from all over the world so pick your spot among favorite villages like Lëpushë or Tamarë and enjoy a rare and refreshing experience!

Lëpushë. Photo Courtesy of Nikol Likja.

Rehova in Kolonjë

Cobblestoned streets, houses made of stone and tranquil nature! Rehova is one of those places that invites you to escape for an unforgettable weekend. Though undoubtedly gorgeous, this village is not widely visited and, thus, it retains that pure magic still held only by authentic destinations. At the foot of Mount Gramoz, the village is surrounded by an impressive number of churches (23 in total!) and is on its way to becoming a popular touristic destination. However, now is the perfect time to visit this gem in order to get the most of the famous traditional foods and the relaxing atmosphere. Many of the other villages around Korça promise a relaxing and memorable stay in August, as well.

Rehova. Photo source: IntoAlbania.

By: IntoAlbania

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