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Favorite 10: Tirana with Bojken Lako

One of the most famous names of Albania’s music industry, alternative rock legend Bojken Lako is busy promoting and supporting up-and-coming young rockers lately. He takes a break to tell IntoAlbania how he spends his time between work and leisure in Tirana. 

 Favorite Café

I prefer to have my morning coffee anywhere near my house. I don’t have a specific place as where I have my coffee simply marks the first stop of a new day.


Bulza Production Studio, where I get together with friends and colleagues, not just to work but to catch up.

Bojken Lakon in Bulza Production Studio

Random spot

The hills by the lake (Kodrat e Liqenit). I love running but am, unfortunately, too often busy with other engagements.

The Grand Park of Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Go-to lunch restaurant

A quick lunch at Hallall (fast-food chain)

Dish in a local restaurant

My favorite traditional dish is chicken with stuffing and, as for restaurants, I would pick Diplomat 2 and Fishop.

Happy hour drink and place

Hemingway Tirana. If I were still drinking, I would order my favorite, a vodka tonic.

Hemingway Tirana. Source: facebook.com/pages/Hemingway-Bar-Tirana

Greatest pleasure

Those intense moments, when you reach a goal you have been working very hard for, bring me a great sense of satisfaction.

Culture spot

All the concerts with local and international performers that are organized in Albania.

Go-to dinner restaurant:

I really like the New Bazaar for the unique cuisine you can find in the places there, especially Inshanoo and Hummus Bar.

The New Bazaar, photo by IntoAlbania.


I don’t go often but, when I do, I pop my head in Lollipop Dance Club.