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The 6 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Tirana

Looking for a cool place to have a brunch or breakfast in Tirana? Luckily for you, the Albanian capital city is home to several great cafés and bars with tasty menus. Read our list of the top six spots in town.

1. Bufe Wine Bar

Hidden in a quiet street near the city centre and Lana River, Bufe is a wine bar that serves great brunches too. The staff prepares excellent meals, like the traditional petulla with honey, or jam, and Albanian cheese. This small spot is the best place to start the day in a calm location, far from the crowds, eating great food.

Rruga Reshit Çollaku, tel. 04 224 7353

Bufe Wine Bar, photo courtesy of Francesca Masotti.

2. Çoko Bistro & Bar

Located right in the heart of Blloku, the liveliest district in Tirana, Çoko Bistro & Bar is a beautiful café plenty of tasty breakfast options. Everything is excellent here, from the pancakes to the petulla, but nothing compares with the Eggs Benedict. Order them with a fresh orange juice to start your day in the best way.

Rruga Pjetër Bogdani 7, tel. 0692070111

Çoko Bistro & Bar, photo courtesy: Çoko.

3. New York Tirana Bagels

If you prefer New York-style brunches and breakfasts, head to New York-Tirana Bagels, the only place in Albania that sells a great selection of American bagels. Here you can enjoy delicious bagels made with the freshest seasonal products. Hidden behind the Pyramid of Tirana, this cozy spot is one of the coolest places in town.

Rruga Themistokli Germenji, 069 540 7583

New York – Tirana Bagels. Photo courtesy: NY – Tirana Bagels.

4. The Last Supper

Another popular spot in town is The Last Supper. This cozy bar has a gorgeous design with cool furniture, serves excellent desserts and meals, from omelets to pancakes, and offer an interesting selection of frappes perfect to refresh yourself during the hot summer days. The Last Supper is famous for its burgers: consider it if you are looking for a great place for lunch too.

Rruga Ismail Qemali, 069 400 4044

Last Supper. Photo courtesy:

5. NOOR Coffee and Fine Food

Just few steps from the Plaza Tirana and the recently opened Kalaja of Tirana, right in the heart of the capital, NOOR Coffee and Fine Food is a small, cozy and cool café extremely well designed. From the little garden in the entrance to the tiny atop veranda and the cute inside area, NOOR has it all. Enjoy your meal and then get ready to discover Tirana.

Rruga Abdi Toptani, 067 600 0688

Noor Coffee & Fine Food. Photo courtesy: Noor.

6. TëDuKtu

Another great place to add to your agenda is TëDuKtu, a cozy and stylish place with a delicious menu that offers several breakfast options in elegant bowls made with organic seasonal products. This trendy spot is decorated with lovely urban furniture and is divided between an interior area and a beautiful garden. Also, TëDuKtu sells pieces of art and antiques, so feel free to purchase something unique from Tirana!

Rruga Mustafa Matohiti, 067 227 0707

Pancake at Tëduktu. Photo by IntoAlbania.

By: Francesca Masotti

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