Summer has already arrived and the thought of holiday destinations has surely occupied everyone’s mind. When it comes to vacations, a few days spent by the beach are always tempting and among the first alternatives that can be thought of. Especially if you are visiting Albania for its endless coastline.

Worldwide famous for its riviera and unexplored nature, every summer the southern beaches of Albania remain the most frequented in the country. In this article we will give you some suggestions, on what you should visit if you prefer crystal clear waters, wild nature and adventurous beaches. Stay with us as we explore the hidden gems of Albania and don’t forget to activate Vodafone Tourist Pack to get up to 100GB internet and lots of minutes & SMS so that you can stay connected everywhere #kudomeVodafone.

1. Karaburun

For absolute calm, crystal waters and wonderful photos. A beach that is characterized by rugged coastline, lawns and small beaches by the Ionian Sea. With the pleasant scent of the sea enveloping you, and the absolute tranquility, this beach offers plenty of spaces waiting to be explored. In Karaburun you can visit the small Beach of DAFINA, the beach of BITR, the Cave of PANAIA, the Cave of GRAMA and the Cave of HAXHI ALI. You can visit Karaburun with tourist boats that leave every day from the port of Vlora. If we were to sum up the experience in Karaburun in one word, we would tell you that it is quite picturesque, and your vacation memories will be unforgettable.

2. Livadhi beach

A good balance between quiet and noise, a combination u can’t find easily. Surrounded by lush greenery, this beach gives you a picturesque view and a complete sense of tranquility, which can be easily broken with a very short trip to Himara. Ample beach space creates the much-desired opportunity for personal space to fully enjoy the sea that remains one of the most beautiful and clean in the area! This beach also welcomes camping enthusiasts, who have the opportunity to find accommodation in the designated areas just for them. The food is rich in the tradition of the area, the inhabitants are hospitable, and the beautiful nature invites you to enjoy it at any time.

3. Lukova beach

Lukova beach is a true paradise of southern Albania. The clear blue waters and spectacular cliffs that line the shores make it a unique and stunning place to have fun and relax. Lukova can be considered the place from where the sunsets above the village are the most beautiful you can ever enjoy in the south. The hospitality of the locals and the beauty of this unheard of beach make it a perfect destination for those looking for new thrills and to enjoy the feeling of being in a typical southern village. You can also choose to visit the church of St. Friday (Shën Premte) during an afternoon in this unique place. This cultural monument dating back to the 18th century is surrounded by numerous olive groves, which add even more mysticism and stimulate your curiosity to learn more about the history of such places.

4. Buneci

Together with Lukova, in this area of ​​the coast there are the beaches whose names have been heard less, and therefore, they are considered the most peaceful in the south. Even the hospitality facilities here are few. If you want your time to be marked by the sound of sea waves, choose Bunec. The beach has a large space to enjoy unforgettable moments in the company of friends or relatives in total privacy as you can swim in Ionian sea also in the river that passes nearby.

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