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Top 3 Festivals to Attend in Albania This June

Imagine good music, sandy beaches, very good and sunny weather and book your trip for this June to Albania.

Covid-free rules are bringing the date nights and parties back all over the world and we are so happy about it.

Albanian summer is starting with three big techno, house music festivals on its coasts that you can attend.

Just save the dates, remember the names and prepare to party until morning.

Hospitality on the Beach

A new and unique location on the amazing Albanian Riviera, Hospitality on the beach this year is relocating.

Check-in in Dhërmi, a small village between Vlora and Saranda where you can enjoy the beautiful Ionian sea coast during the day and enjoy the festival experience during the night.

Hospitality on the Beach takes place between 1st and the 7th June a full week with sets on different locations around the area day and night.

The main performances will be between Thursday and Monday but smaller venues will be open on the rest of the days with opening and closing parties.

You can check the full festival line up by clicking here.

Unum Festival

Experience of a lifetime, Unum represents the four elements of nature the sand, the pines, the sea and the mountains.

Among the reasons you should attend this festival we can list the festival culture that has takes place in Rana e Hedhun an open beach that has all the five elements of UNUM.

Also you can enjoy good music from 1ft of June till the first hours of the 6th combined with workshops, yoga classes and recreational centers during your stay.

Unum takes place close to Shkodra one of the most historical and beautiful cities in Albania that you can visit.

Where you can discover the city’s legend called Rozafa, visit the city castle and the oldest Albanian museum of photography all in one day.

Check the full Unum experience here.

Kala festival

Kala festival is a yearly tradition for Dhërmi one of the best beaches on Albanian Riviera.

From 8th to 15th June you can enjoy DJ venues, activities, live acts, wellness activities, food and cultural experiences etc.

Kala represents intimate beautiful beaches during the day and crowdy venues with good music lovers.

With 5 stages in different locations, Kala even this year is expected to be one of the best experiences.

Get more information here and choose one experience that you don’t want to miss.

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