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10 Events Not to Miss this December in Albania

As the most celebrated month of the year, December always packs many spectacular events including concerts, holiday markets, outdoor village parties, and more, all culminating on that final day of the year. How to conclude your year in style? Read our suggestions below.

1. Bojken Lako Concert, University of Arts, Tirana, December 6th-7th 

One of the most famous names of Albania’s music scene will hold two shows that celebrate his 25-year-long music career. Bojken Lako has experimented with many musical styles, like hard, alternative, and electronic rock, among others, and has historically been in the forefront of the music scene in the country. The shows begins at 8 PM. You can purchase tickets for this event at the University of Arts, Tulla Culture Center, Ironbrush, Disco Box, Kino, Nouvelle Vague, and Destil Hostel or call +355695543007 for more information.

Bojken Lako Concert Official Poster.

2. Festival of Birds, Expocity, Tirana, December 8th-9th

Hundreds of Albanian bird species will be exposed here for all the bird enthusiasts out there! The Festival actually starts on December 6th, but it only opens to the public on December 8th and 9th. The current, and 3rd, edition of this event is held at Expocity, located along the Tirana-Durrës Highway.

Festival of Birds Official Poster.

3. Christmas Market, Tirana, December 8th 

Organized by The Balkanista and Urban Roots, on Saturday, December 8th at 3-7 PM, you will have the chance to visit this festive fair of local artisans, artists and small businesses. Apart from the great atmosphere that it will undoubtedly create, this event will offer a nice opportunity to buy unique and original Christmas and New Year gifts. What’s more is that 25% or the profits will be donated to Food Bank Albania and the organization Useful to Albanian Women. Address: Urban Roots, Lidhja e Prizrenit Street.

Christmas Market Official Poster.

4. Animated Concert & Jazz, Art Turbina, December 10th-14th, Tirana-Durrës-Shkodra-Elbasan-Korça

This event combines French jazz with animated story-telling (bande dessinée). Don’t miss out on these events which beautifully combine different artistic genres to create a unique experience. Dates: December 10th at Art Turbina in Tirana, 7 PM. December 11th at Aleksander Mojsiu Theater in Durrës, 6 PM. December 12th at Prenk Jakova School of Performing Arts in Shkodra, 6 PM. December 13th at Skampa Theater in Elbasan, 6 PM. The last day, December 14th at the Andon Zako Çajupi Theater in Korça, 7 PM. Entrance is for free!

Animated Concert & Jazz at Art Turbina. Official Poster.

5. Wine and Painting in Seferan, December 22nd, Belsh

If you are a fan of painting or would like to further explore your talents, there is no better place to do it than near the picturesque Seferan Lake in Belsh, while drinking wine and conversing with master painters! The event organized by Tourism Investment and Finance Fund takes place on December 22nd and everyone will be equipped with his/her own tripod, canvas, paintbrushes and personal paints! To reserve a ticket, please call +355694030735.

Wine & Painting Official Poster.

6. I Always Keep a Handkerchief in my Pocket, Ballet at Art Turbina, Tirana, December 12th

A piece by Gjergj Prevazi, in which the various uses of a handkerchief reveal different aspects of Albanian social behaviors through an interweaving of traditional and modern music as well as folk and modern dance. The show has created quite a buzz so be sure to mark it on your calendar! Duration: 7PM – 9 PM.

Source of the photo: facebook.com/goethezentrum.tirana

7. Christmas Shoes, Tirana, December 1st-2nd, 8th-9th, 15th-16th

This event celebrates Christmas in the best possible way: by donating to those in need. Over 500 pairs of shoes will be donated to children in need, so everyone who can afford to make a contribution is welcome to join. The event is organized in the above-mentioned days, from 10 AM to 6 PM in Skanderbeg Square. The stand where donations can be made is named – you guessed it! – “Christmas Shoes”.

Christmas Shoes Official Poster.

8. Nights and Weekends at the “Village of Celebrations,” Tirana

During this holiday season, Tirana’s center square is inundated with small houses where you can find a great variety of souvenirs as well as places to enjoy a nice drink, like hot wine or a refreshing beer. You can also enjoy the arcades organized around the square or simply delight in the buzzing atmosphere! Throughout the festive month of December, this is definitely the place to be with friends and family.

Source of photo: facebook.com/bashkia.tirane

9. Korça Open Air, Korça, December 13th-15th

The Calendar of Sportive Events in Albania concludes with this paragliding finale, in which contestants from all over the world fly over Korça’s skies! Even if you cannot participate as a paraglider, this even is well-worth attending as it offers the right amount of adrenaline and enthusiasm to beautifully conclude the year. Go to the official web-page of the event.

Korca Open Air Official Poster.

10. Welcoming the New Year at Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, New Year’s Eve (December 31st)

Every year, Skanderbeg Square welcomes the New Year with live music and a spectacular firework show. This year, feel free to join the greatest outdoor celebration in the country at the turning of the year! Countless people make it here for the midnight show because, in addition to the firework show organized by the City of Tirana, from here you will notice every corner of Tirana light up as hundreds (even thousands!) of fireworks light up the sky over the entire city.

Source of photo: facebook.com/bashkia.tirane

By: IntoAlbania

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