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Prespa Lake

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National Park of Prespa

Prespa National Park, one of the largest natural parks in Albania, is only a 20-minute car ride away from Korça. The two beautiful lakes of Prespa e Madhe (Greater Prespa Lake) and Prespa e Vogël (Small Prespa Lake) have kept each other company for an impressive 5 million years. With a surface area of approximately 300 square km and depths of 54 meters, the Great Lake of Prespa are shared among Albania, Greece and Macedonia. The area is especially well-known for its fresh waters and sandy beaches!

Maligrad Island

Maligrad Island is, without a doubt, the real protagonist of the Great Lake of Prespa. This place’s unique appeal lies in its sloping limestone. The island’s namesake, Maligrad, translates to “small city” from Macedonian.

Apart from its natural beauty, another pleasant surprise awaits you in Maligrad Island: the Church of St. Mary. Built in 1369, inside a cave that was considered a holy place, the small church immerses the visitor in its peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

Treni Cave, on the western side of the lake, near the villages of Treni and Devoll, is a must see! Here, you will have the rare chance to admire prehistoric paintings dating back as early as 6,000 BC.

Other Recommendations 

Visit Liqenas Village (also known as Pustec), which is the largest village around the lake. While there, don’t forget to make a stop at the fascinating Church of St. Michael (Kisha e Shën Mihalit). If you’re searching for a nice place to eat, the village of Zaroshka offers you some typical delicious dishes, such as the Carp Casserole (Tava e Krapit).

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