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Family Fun

One of the most iconic sounds of Albania is children’s voices, as they play in the many schoolyards and neighborhoods of their cities. For many, they are the soundtrack to daily life! To this day, Albania’s culture remains family-centered and hospitable and its countless natural and archaeological parks, lakes and seas, are elements that only add to Albania’s appeal as an ideal family destination. In Albania’s many children-friendly spots, the family will be immersed in a world of natural beauty, at once educational and fun. Indeed, Albania offers a rare opportunity for children to become explorers of rare sights, as they intimately experience the enchanting ruins of ancient cities and medieval castles. Albania’s natural sights are the places of great memories! Beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and plenty of organized trips and activities where children and adults can interact with one another. Most major Albanian cities such as Tirana, Vlora, Durrësi, Shkodra etc, also include various contemporary amusement parks where children can immediately feel at home while they enjoy their vacation in a new and exciting place.

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