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15 Rare Photos of an Albania You May Not Know

From north to south, with as many hot touristic destinations as unknown remote sites of new explorations, Albania’s appeal is universal. Not only international tourists but locals, as well, are intent in discovering every spectacular corner of the country! Albania, the small country that never ceases to surprise, offers a little of everything. Rocky and sandy beaches. Lofty mountains and rugged cliffs. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and countless springs. Tropical and Mediterranean destinations. Mythical and ancient sites. Yet, there’s always more to discover.

The fifteen photos below give a beautiful glimpse into the unexpected variety of destinations in the extraordinary country that is Albania.

1. Grabova, Gramsh    

Grabova, in Gramsh. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

2. Erzeni Canyon

Erzeni Canyons. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

3. Valbona

Rosi mountain, Valbona. Photo by Elis Puka

4. Shkodra Lake

Shkodra Lake. Photo by Jetmir Troshani

5. Mesi Bridge

Mesi Bridge, Shkodra. Photo by Liridon Shala

6. Tepelena

Waterfall of Peshtura, Tepelena. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

7. The Mountain with Holes

The Mountain with Holes. Photo by Elis Puka

8. Prespa

San Maria Church, Maligrad, Prespa. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

9. Kukës

Belgjajt lakes, Kukës. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

10. National Park Divjaka-Karavasta

Flamingos in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park . Photo by Granit Hyseni

11. Shala River

Shala River. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

12. Përmet

Bënja Thermal Pools in Përmet. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

13. Dibra

Mount Korab, Dibra. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

14. Shkodra

Pink Carpets in Munellas, Shkodra. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

15. Jezerca Lake

Jezerca, Tropoja. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

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