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Mount Korab: The Highest Peak in the Country

One of the most spectacular alpine experiences in Albania, this entire area is also very welcoming to all kinds of tourists, avid climbers or those simply wishing to escape the monotony of the city.

The Korab mountain range, which culminates at the highest peak in the country, is located along Dibra’s highlands. Macedonia and Albania share this legendary mountain range but it is in Albania that Mount Korab peaks at 2764 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the national park of the same name, this entire area is one of the most valued for its flora and fauna, boasting an ecosystem that thrives in this untouched natural environment. Alpine lakes, pine forests, and the crispest air imaginable create not only memorable panoramas but a favorable environment for the wonderful villages which punctuate this spectacular place.

Korab Mountain, photo by Egzon Bytyqi.


Mount Korab and the national Park see thousands of tourists, of very different kinds and preferences, annually. There is something for everyone here – those who love physical activity and those who love to be surrounded by freshness and beauty. Some prefer to simply explore nature and hike along the hidden streams among the valleys. While it’s a perfect spot to relax, refresh and regenerate, as the fourth highest peak in the Balkans, Mount Korab is also the ultimate challenge for professional mountain climbers. This particular area boasts more than 50 natural monuments, very carefully preserved by the locals.

Mali i Korabit, foto nga Egzon Bytyqi.

Towards Korab

The climb towards Korab starts in Radomira, a small village located at the foot of the mountain. The hike leads towards paths and valleys which are constantly invigorated by the waters of the Black Drin River. The journey to the mountain is several hours long so it requires a good amount of preparation, inclusive of all necessary food and equipment. Suitable climbing wear and non-slippery shoes are of the utmost importance in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable hike.

The distance from Tirana to Radomira is approximately 180 km or at least 3 hours of driving. Another main road that is often used is the one from Tirana towards the Castle of Doda. Upon arriving at the destination, the groups are divided on the basis of each individual’s previous experience and the level of challenge they can face. A beautiful place often used as a resting spot is Zagrad Village. The groups stop there in order to gather their strength for the rest of the ascent or descent of the mountain.

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Photo credits: Fation Plaku.


As all mountainous areas, here you will run into a variation of infrastructures depending on the journey. Partly rugged and partly fully equipped, the area is very welcoming to both alpinism and traditional tourism. The presence of hundreds of climbers as well as tourists is entirely normal for the locals! The use of local guides may be the very best way to go as far as your visit here goes. They are hospitable, well prepared and know the areas that you simply should not miss out on!

Keep in mind

There are many livestock guardian dogs which can be harmful and aggressive if you’re not familiar with the area or with those type of dogs.


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