Easy Water Sports: 5 Top Spots for Rafting, Kayaking, Kitesurfing and Surfcasting this Summer - Into Albania

Easy Water Sports: 5 Top Spots for Rafting, Kayaking, Kitesurfing and Surfcasting this Summer

In addition to the more established water sport destinations like the Osumi and Vjosa rivers or Koman Lake and the Ionian Riviera, there are a few new spots that will take along a more intimate journey with nature.

 It has been a while since rafting and kayaking has taken off in Albania with some of the most popular spots being Vjosa and Osum rivers, Koman lake and the spectacular Riviera in the south of the country.  For organized tours in these destinations, click here. For the exciting up-and-comers in the sector of water sports, read over our short list below. The following destinations are bound to become the favorites of tomorrow so visit while they are still fresh and new!

Rafting in the Black Drin

Rafting and kayaking in the Black Drin is quite the trend this summer. The Black Drin springs from Lake Ohrid in Macedonia and traverses the Dibra district up until the city of Kukës, in the Albanian border. But it is in its deviated branch in the vicinity of Lezha that the Black Drin becomes perfect for rafting and kayaking. The river’s capricious flow stops here and sliding on its wide river bed become easy breezy. Plus, the area of Lezha offers plenty of other culinary and cultural delights for when you are done!

Lezha Kayaking, photo Gjergji Figuri

Kitesurfing in Darëzeza Beach

Kitesurfing in Darëzeza Beach is another summer trend. Because of its geographic position, this part of the Adriatic is characterized by a windier climate. The waves caused by the wind and the extra clean sea water of Darëzeza Beach have made it a quick favorite among kite surfers. Lately the destination is getting more and more attention, especially among water sport lovers. The good news is that its 15-km long shoreline has space for all.

Darëzeza beach, photo www.facebook.com/klosiblend

Darëzeza beach, photo www.facebook.com/klosiblend

Exploring around Elbasan

Kayaking or simply hopping on a boat and exploring the lakes of the Belsh area is one of the most relaxing activities we can think of. Whether you would like to float along while enjoying the water lilies of Seferan Lake or explore Holta’s Canyon, Sotira Waterfall, or the lakes of Funari, you will find plenty of surfaces to glide along happily around these parts. We’ll leave it up to you! For more, click here.

Holtas canyon

Holta’s Canyon, Elbasan, photo by IntoAlbania

Sotira Waterfall, photo by IntoAlbania

Surfcasting in Spille Beach

Host of the annual National Surfcasting Championship, Spille Beach is a fisherman’s temple. Though parts of it are becoming popular, most of it remains unpopulated and therefore perfect for fishing and surfcasting, in particular. For those of you who may want to try it, surfcasting is a specific fishing technique wherein the fisherman remains static on the shore while casting the fishing line into the surf. It requires a lot of skill and can be quite challenging but those who do it, absolutely swear by it!

Karpen - Spille

Karpen – Spille, Durrës, photo by IntoAlbania

Fishing in Spille beach. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Shkopet Lake and Ulza Regional Park

The winding Mat River has created one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country: the Shkopet Gorge and Lake. This gateway made of cliffs is beautiful to witness and can be an amazing chance to kayak for professionals. Ulza Lake, in the same national park, is the place to go for rafting and kayaking for the less experienced. One thing is certain: you will not regret seeing this kind of beauty! Read more here.

Ulza, photo by IntoAlbania

Shkopet, photo by Afrim Tahiraj