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Shishtavec: A place for all seasons

Located 1400 meters above sea level, Shishtavec is blessed by nature, possessing land that is rich in flora and fauna, water from both rivers and lakes, a terrain that perfectly suits winter sports and, last but certainly not least, famous hospitality. 

Shishtavec, located about 30 km away from the northern city of Kukës, is an ideal destination for nature and outdoor sport lovers. Hiking, horseback riding, and skiing are some of the popular sports that attract explorers and tourists to this beautiful and remote place. Suitable for all age groups, this destination has recently been included in several Albanian touristic guides.   

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The area surrounding Shishtavec is rich in natural resources and renowned for the delicious local cuisine, served with a good dose of the famous Albanian hospitality, a value that is still faithfully upheld in the northern, rural areas. In terms of nature, deep canyons, forests that are listed in international lists of top natural monuments, and rivers created by tectonic movements that have taken place over the centuries, represent only a few of the aspects that attract hiking enthusiasts to this beautiful area.


The organized journey starts from Tirana. The guides will lead you and your traveling group on a road that has vastly improved over the past few years, facilitating the faster and smoother arrival at the desired destination. The average-priced tourist packages cover transportation costs throughout the day, several daily meals, outdoor guides and accommodation at the hotel for the days that you plan to devote to the exploration of this beautiful and still largely unexplored northern area. 


The Shishtavec village is one of the best known in Albania for skiing. The beautiful and fragrant coniferous forests, characteristic of this area, endow it with a both fresh and mysterious beauty. Recently, Shishtavec has also been equipped with professional alpine guides. Novosejë is one of area’s most interesting spots and the place in which the groups of local and/or foreign tourists are usually accommodated.

Nature, Foods and Climate

Shishtavec is surrounded by highlands and mountain ranges which, during the spring, are covered by a vast variety of plants and blooming flowers. The area is well-known for its potato and rye production but, surprisingly, there is also no lack of fruit growing in these heights which are characterized by harsh winter temperatures. The area’s residents are renowned for their skill in conserving dairy products, a necessity during the harshest winter months. However, for the majority of the year, Shishtavec remains a truly magnificent and unique destination for all its lucky visitors. 

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