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Dibra: Much More than a Spectacular Landscape

Rugged beauty, rich gastronomic tradition and curative thermal springs are only a few of this beautiful northern region’s authentic offerings.

With the majestic Alps crowning the region, dense forests and gorges, crystal clear water bodies that host crap and golden trout, it is easy to see why this northern-most region is hailed as one of the most naturally beautiful in Albania.  However, Dibra offers much more than its pristine beauty and reviving climate.

Dibra is set to become a popular destination this year as it truly does offer a refreshingly new take on tourism. In addition, the infrastructure of the remote region, and the roads that take you there, are all in place to welcome more tourists to this charming, remote and relaxing destination.     

Known for their traditional northern hospitality, people from Dibra love to properly welcome their guests. Albania owes a significant number of its most authentic culinary traditions to Dibra, like the melt-in-your-mouth local pasta called jufka (usually served with fresh chicken) and the most scrumptious, though heavy in calories, dessert called sheqerpare. The rich history found in its museums, towers and castle as well as the intricate traditional costumes of the area are other wonderful aspects of Dibra.

With its mountain ranges and snowy caps, Dibra welcomes climbers and alpinists every year. However, there’s plenty of water tourism as Dibra houses some of the most gorgeous lakes and rivers in the country. It is also one of the four regions in Albania with natural thermal baths which boast wonderful curative properties for a range of physical ailments.

If you have never been, take our word for it. Dibra is well-worth visiting! Click here to discover more good reasons to visit.

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