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5 Ways to Embrace Travel in the Fall

As the way we travel changes according to the season, with the end of summer we need to revisit our travel habits and think of ways to enjoy the journey and nature’s spectacle of the changing colors in the fall. 

Go on road trips

With the sun having significantly turned down its heat but still retaining its warm glow, the journey becomes as much fun as the destination. Yes, in the fall, hiking and riding along the gorgeous Albanian landscape take precedence. This is the time of the year to take the long way to distant cities and take your sweet time to arrive, stopping by villages and enjoying the paysage.

Lin Village, Pogradec. Photo courtesy of Nikol Likja.

Plan weekend trips in advance

Do not give in to the end-of-summer blues. Many of us may have already turned the page but there are those of us who are reluctant to let summer go. Our advice? Take charge and plan ahead for the glowing months of September and October. Pick weekend destinations and experiences that truly transport you to other worlds like traditional farm guesthouses or unexplored hiking trails. 

Find non-populated destinations

These are not only great to spend time in as the seasons transition but they most likely need the support of visitors right about now. As the summer ends, many destinations see a great fall in the number of visitors. We can help while enjoying a second wave of vacation. Places that are suddenly emptied from the summer crowds, like Himara, or coastal cities like Vlora that are still very much vibrant but no longer crowded, are perfect to visit in September.

Find where the fall foliage creates a spectacle

Look for destinations where you can see the leaves turning colors and wander around aimlessly, admiring nature’s perfectly warm spectacle. From the Grand Park of Tirana, the picturesque villages around Korça, and Dajti Mountian, to Shebenik-Jablanica Park or the trail of colors, there is plenty to choose from. Pick your spot and enjoy the show.

Discover new reasons to visit cities

Fall is the perfect season to slowly make your return to culture and the arts. Make it the time to visit the museums you have skipped on during the summer. From the gorgeous iconography Onufri Museum in Berat and the best photography museum in the country to one of the most visited museums in Albania and the one that holds the country’s history, you will have your work cut out for you. Check out our list of the cities most visited for their museums to begin your journey.  

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