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The Largest and Most Relaxing Beach of the Riviera   

Due to its great size and chill atmosphere, Livadh has slowly but surely become one of the most popular beaches of the Southern Riviera. Livadh’s popularity has soared for both locals and tourists because while boasting improved accommodation and infrastructure, it still retains a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. There is plenty of room for visitors and families who like having more space and privacy during their vacation.

How to Get There

The reason behind Livadh’s belated popularity is due to its position along the coast. Please note that Livadh is closer to Saranda than Vlora. You only reach this quiet beach after passing countless other vibrant bays and traditional villages (i.e. Palasë, Dhërmi, and Drimadhes) lined up right after the descent from Llogara Pass.  Past these beaches and another short mountainous road, the road will inevitably take you to Livadh.

While the road is perhaps a bit longer, it is well worth your time and energy! The beach is also accessible by sea. Only a few kilometers separate Livadh from Himara, Vuno and other southern villages. As an alternate route, a ride on one of the many boats that leave from the Himara Port can quickly take you there.

Livadh Beach

The beach is easily recognizable because of the ruins of Himara’s old castle found there. In fact, the entire area seems like a piece of land slipping off the old town of Himara toward the cliffs. Beyond the latter, olive groves lend a paradisiacal aspect to Livadh’s warm and beautifully untamed character. Here is a place where the land and seascape work wonders with one another.

Rest and Eat

Many new aspects have combined to make Livadh a summer favorite. New hotels offer comfortable conditions while there are also plenty of ideal camping spaces. The locals are friendly and some of the Riviera’s best restaurants are located here, such as Nasho’s restaurant, part of the camping complex of the same name. It serves deliciously light and fresh local, seasonal foods. If you are searching for a more luxury resort, than Miamar perhaps is the best solution for you.

Wild and hospitable, this is definitely the rising star of the entire Ionian coast.

By: IntoAlbania

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