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Lodge of Wine: A Nice Selection of the Best National Wines

Situated right in the heart of Berat, the Lodge of Wine is a shop where you will find one of the greatest selections of the best wines in the entire country.

This house of wine opened its doors in 2018 and, in a short, year has accumulated a variety of wines from the best 40 wineries in Albania. The creation of Lodge of Wine happened quite naturally, in order to satisfy an increasing local demand and, more so, the international visitors’ growing desire to taste Albanian wines. It is because of this reason that most wines sold here are Albanian. It gives the customer ample opportunity to journey from the north to the south of the country via delectable wines.

Photo source: Lodge of Wine.

As expected, some favorite labels belong to the city of Berat, including the best selections from famous local wineries Nurellari, Çobo and Luani. Some other popular Albanian wines, such as Kallmeti i Arbërit (kallmet is one of the best Albanian grape varieties) and Kantina Bardha, are sold here as well. A label that has garnered much praise recently is that of Alpeta, available here, as well.

Photo source: Lodge of Wine.

While there are countless other wine selections to choose from, in this shop, you can also find various types and bottle sizes of raki (a traditional grape-based Albanian alcoholic beverage that resembles grappa) and the famous Skanderbeg Cognac (Konjak Skënderbeu).

Photo source: Lodge of Wine.

It is important to note that this wine shop was created by Hotel Berat, a well-established name for the city’s tourism. The hotel is housed in a 300-year old building which, in its early days, accommodated merchants coming from the surrounding areas. Back then, it was known as the Skrapar Inn (Hani i Skraparit). While the building assumed different functions and roles throughout the centuries, 15 years ago, it returned to its original one of welcoming travelers from all over the globe.

Photo source: Hotel Berati.


This long experience in hospitality has resulted in the establishment of the Lodge of Wine, located next to the hotel. The store supplies not only the hotel patrons but the entire city with its wonderful local wines. Next time you visit Berat, do not neglect to make a stop at the Lodge of Wine.

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