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Places to Go If You Miss the Sea: Top Three Suggestions for Alternatives-to-the-Beach in Autumn

Some of us would go the beach year-round if we could, but since that can be challenging as it gets colder, we have compiled a short list of places to if you find yourself missing the sea.   

Of course, if you miss the sea, you can always visit the sea! In Albania, you can visit most coastal towns year-round to help cure your summer nostalgia. However, there is a certain level of seasonality that marks every destination. Generally speaking, with the summer, goes the sea. While the country’s Rivera is our summer go-to hot spot, other destinations hit the spot as the temperatures grow cooler. We don’t necessarily want to go scuba diving, but we would like to be caressed by the gentle sounds of water and it calming surface. Read on for our top three suggestions.

Boost your health in thermal pool destinations

Who is up for an extremely enjoyable and relaxing boost to the immune system? Read on. Natural thermal springs are an amazing alternative to the sea. For a small country, Albania is blessed not with one, or two, but four thermal pool destinations! As the cooler months approach, thermal baths may be the best way to keep warm and, most importantly, “swimming.”

Locally referred to as llixha, Albania’s thermal baths are natural sources of health and healing, rich in minerals that relax both the body and nervous system. The following popular thermal bath destinations also offer accommodation: Elbasan, Përmet, Leskovik and Dibra. To read more about these wonderful places, click here.

Bënjë Përmet, photo by Afrim Tahiraj

Explore lagoons and marshlands

The landscape around lagoons can be the most dramatically beautiful in autumn. The mosquitos and humid climate of the summer disappears to be replaced by the beautifully reflected sunsets on the calm surface of the waters. According to an avid traveler, Karavasta Lagoon has the most beautiful sunset in the entire country.

But, there’s more. from the adorable Patoku to the marshlands of Vjosa-Narta and Divjaka-Karavasta among others. Perhaps you will not able to swim but you will soak in the fresh air, have plenty of opportunities for exotic birdwatching and eat some truly amazing food. For serious birdwatchers, here is a list of the ideal spots to enjoy it.

Patoku Lagoon in Lezha, photo by IntoAlbania.

Divjaka National Park, photo by Liridon Shala

Go lakeside

There is no shortage of lakes in Albania, another blessing that makes the transition from summer to fall that much better. When we say lake, most locals immediately dream of Pogradec, the famous Ohrid Lake and the picturesque villages around it. Shkodra Lake is another favorite, famous for birdwatching as well its cozy atmosphere and the spectacular karst springs nearby, Eye of Shegan.

Ohrid Lake, photo by municipality of Pogradec

Shkodra Lake, photo Jetmir Troshani

Eye of Shegan, photo by Erald Halili

Further north, for adventure and outdoor lovers, you have the enchanting Koman Lake, which brings you to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. If you find yourself in the capital, make sure to stop by the largest green space in Tirana, the Grand Park and its calming lake. Last but not least, we implore you to plan a visit to the gorgeous, waterlily-filled lakes of Dumrea.

Koman Lake, photo by Enklajd Zeneli

Water Lillies in Seferan lake. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Grand Park of Tirana, photo by IntoAlbania