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6 Ideal Spots for Snow Lovers

Albania is not generally associated with below zero temperatures, but there are a few spectacular places you can visit to enjoy that perfect winter snow-covered landscape.

For those of you who love the idyllic winter snow during the holiday season, we suggest you visit the following places in Albania. From north to south, the postcard-like landscapes and warm guesthouses of the destinations below will make your winter simply magical.


In winter white, the Valbona Valley looks like a dream. This must-visit spot of the festive season, located 25 km away from Bajram Curri, can be reached in two ways. The first is through Koman Lake, by boat, and the second is via Kosovo, specifically through the city of Gjakovë. The most scenic route is the one traversed by boat as it offers stunning views of the strikingly green lake and beautiful surrounding scenery. More wonders await you in Vabona: high mountains covered by snow and soothing sounds of the crystalline rivers. Plus, the area’s guesthouses are cozy and serve wonderful, fresh and traditional food.

Valbona Valley, Tropoja. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Valbona Valley, Tropoja. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Valbona Valley, Tropoja. Photo by IntoAlbania.


Positioned only 20 km away from Korça, Dardha is the winter tourism spot of Albania! The 300-year old village, with its snow-capped peaks, looks like a seasonal greeting postcard come to life. In addition, Dardha has a ski slope where skiing aficionados can practice their passion to their hearts’ content. For those seeking more relaxation than adrenaline, you can sit at one of its many guesthouse, next to the never-missing fireplace, enjoying a glass of wine or, even better, a delicious homemade glass of raki.

Dardha, Korça, Source: flickr.com _amneris_

Dardha, Korça. Photo by IntoAlbania

 Mount Dajti

Mount Dajti is an ideal getaway destination for those who cannot move too far from the capital. If this is you and you would like to enjoy a bit of time among the snow, Dajti is the place to go! Once you make your way there, you will find wonderful traditional restaurants and guesthouses. You can enjoy a short hike in the refreshing climate and then sit by a fire to admire the gorgeous panoramas. Only 15 minutes away from Tirana by cable car, Mount Dajti is a local favorite during the winter.


Dajti Mountain, Tirana, Source: wikimedia.org Fation Plaku.


Located about 30 km away from Kukës, Shishtavec is at the very center of one of the best winter tourism destinations in the country. While gorgeous year-round, Shishtavec is especially attractive in the winter because of its perfect skiing temperatures and slopes. This is actually the place that hosts the annual National Ski Championship! Here you will also enjoy spending some down time in the perfectly cozy and welcoming guesthouses.

Skiing in Shishtavec. Photo source: Ski club Shishtavec

Shishtavec, Kukës. Photo source: Ski club Shishtaveci

Shishtavec, Kukës. Photo source: Ski club Shishtaveci


Only 22 km from Korça, Voskopoja is another southern village whose beauty is worth witnessing in winter. Also famous for its delicious, and strong, homemade raki! The village is a perfect destination for some light skiing. If you’re looking to have a comfortable stay, this area boasts some of the best guesthouses and hotels in the entire country!

Voskopoja, Korça. Photo source: Royal Voskopoje Hotel


Positioned in very heart of the Albanian Alps, Razëm, with its resorts and beautiful nature, is an ideal winter spot. Only 40 km away from Shkodra, you’ll enjoy its many refreshing hiking trails and parks. Worth mentioning are the luxurious inns with saunas and indoor pools that perfectly supplement a restorative stay in nature. Roasted chestnuts and a glass of wine by the fireplace are the perfect nightcap!

Razëm, Shkodra. Photo source: Natyral Razma Resort

Razëm, Shkodra. Photo source: Natyral Razma Resort

Razëm, Shkodra. Photo source: Natyral Razma Resort

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